Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! 2008

Conner Ash & Charli Ann - Christmas Eve 2008
Charli Ann trying to tell Conner to chill so we can get a picture!
The next posts are just pictures from the snow day and Christmas Eve at Papa's

Merry Christmas 2

Merry Christmas To All

Monday, December 22, 2008

Firestation Santa Visit

Ho Ho Ho Down!

The first picture is Charli with her school mascot "Sharky". Conner was terrified of him (not sure why a 2 foot tall person would be scared of a 10 foot shark??) so I had to take him home. He still says "shark....cry...home" . He is scarred for life - so much for Nick's diving buddy!! Charli with Santa....

Doing the chicken dance of course....

Getting ready for the Hokey Pokey....

Face painting of Santa!

The 1st Snow 2008

As we dig out from the big winter storm we had over the weekend...I am reminded of the first snowfall, when I wished for MORE snow *sigh*. Here are some pics of Charli Ann in our 1st snow fall of 2008. (no pictures of Conner as he said it was too cold and did not want to go out!)

It is amazing to think that we have over a foot of snow now where she is standing in this picture!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A few more creations...

Here are a few more examples of what I made.

Snowman from Inkadinkadoo

SnowBunny Bella (Love Her!!)

Another Snowbunny

A purse tote/gift bag.

Ornament bags and Gift Card Holder

Craft Show

Mini Tote Card Set

Gift Card Holders
Altered Merry Letters

Birthday Bella Cards

Bella Card Set

I was crazy slow for my craft show, I did not make enough to buy Charli Ann a Wii but oh well! It was a learning experience and a heck of a lot more fun to make the stuff than to sit there and have no one there to buy! Any who, here are the pictures of what I had going on.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Charli and Conner Update

I'm back!! I have been so busy lately with the holidays and getting stuff together for this big craft show we have in a few weeks.

It feels as though I am spending my days chasing a 2 year old boy around....oh wait I HAVE! Conner has become such an active and destructive lil man - but I love him dearly! My mom watches him on the days that I work and she never complains one bit about it...except last Wednesday. She calls me up at work asking if I was on my way home yet, she was done. Hmmm, he had to have been real bad for her. I walk in the door, she has her coat on and says "have fun! So I scoop up Conner and we wave goodbye to grandma. I turn and set him down, and what do I see??? A DVD in the fish tank! "CONNER, what did you do today??" he says to me "bad...pank butt". Yep, I am sure you were bad and I need to spank your butt! *sigh* I can't believe he will be 2 this month - it goes by so fast. Papa is amazed daily by all the new words he says. He is clearly forming sentences and telling stories. He can read his 'first word' books to me...more of a picture book, but he names all the stuff in it. My favorite thing he says right now is "fun". He will climb up on the living room table and jump to the couch and say "fun" and giggle. He will chase the poor dog around and say "fun".

Charli Ann on the other hand is doing wonderful in school. We had our first progress report and teacher conference last month. Charli is getting the whole learning thing and how! I am amazed daily by the things she learns and retains. She and Nick were making Rice Krispy Treats together and her job was to mix the chocolate and regular ones together. She measured out 2 cups of the regular and 1 cup of the chocolate and put them in a container. While she was shaking up the mixture, she looked at daddy and said "daddy, did you know that 'shaking' is an action word?" Anyway, her teacher let us know that she is above average on most everything. She has moved up 2 levels already in reading and has almost completed the third, which is 1st grade level. She counts to 100+ by 1's and 10's & is close to getting it by 2's and 5's. Thanks to all the fun songs in her class, we all know how to spell colors :) I am very proud of how much she enjoys school.

That is my lil update on us. I will post my craft chaos tomorrow for you all to see, I know you are just sooo anxious to see it all! haha!